Welcome To My Studio

A really fun place to be for me and I hope for you as well.I have been spending so much time working in my studio and getting ready to finally open my Etsy Store next month.I am constantly doing something new in here with the decor.I hope you will check back here often to see new photos of my space and what I'm working on currently.

 I will never forget the day about 4 years ago actually.I decided to stop doing murals and do more of my own thing.I researched, yes I'm a researcher and I read blogs and tried to figure out what the Artists were using to make such beautiful art.Well I was a muralist after all and I used house paints so you can imagine I didn't really have a clue.I started off making Altered Books and then moved onto a few Fabric Books and then some stuffies ect..I would sketch in my journal occasionally but I found out after a few months that I am just not a journaler.

I went out to Wally World and bought a couple of side stapled canvases yep they were horrid quality but I had to do something.Once again I went searching for what type of medium Artists used.I never did find out really although nowadays the information is much better.Perhaps I just didn't look on youtube as I should have.Anyway here is a list of everything I use to make my creations come alive for me and somewhat of an explanation as to why.I really found it odd that some Artists would simply say all you need is a pencil some paint and a brush ach...

1.Canvas-You can get these at Michaels and they are cheap when purchased in a bundle.
2.Strathmore Watercolor 140lb Cold Press-If you wait patiently you can get it on sale at Michaels.
3.Pencils-I use Derwent Graphic Pencils in the smallest lead available.If you buy a large set then you will quickly learn which size is your favorite.I like the smallest and the sharpest lead I can get.I you buy the large set keep the stubs or write down the size of your favorites.Very important cause then you only have to replace the ones you really use.
4.Pencil Sharpener-I use the one that comes with the Generals Set of pencils at Wal Mart.I don't use the generals pencils I give them to my daughter.
5.Paint Brushes-I have always purchased the high quality ones.However I was in a bind and did go to Wal Mart and purchase a package of the light green handled ones.They are quite nice and the hair does not come out.Something really important if you are moving along and don't want to get out the tweezers and go to work.
6.Gesso-I use the liquitex which you can purchase at Wal Mart you will want to get a huge bottle.
7.Golden Heavy Gel-It puts a nice sheen on your painting and also works for sticking item's to your canvas.Alternatively use can also use Modge Podge.I like my finished product shiny but go with what you like.
8.Goldens Tar-You can use this for textures or you can also purchase Delta Texture Magic
9.Gorilla Glue-Another item I use to make textures but rarely for gluing down stuff.
10.E6000-If I need to glue something down really bad.
11.Liquitex Basics Paint-I have the set of 48 and I got them on Amazon.I love,love,love this paint it spreads on like thick butter soft and smooth and a little goes a long way.If you purchase the set.Open just a little screw the lid back on and then reopen.This helps to let some of the air out so that the paint doesn't come out real fast.
12.Folk Art Paint-They have a huge array of colors and I have alot of them.I love the colors and I love the paint.So definitely go out and get some of these from Michaels.They often have a sale on them and it makes them cheap.In any case they are the most affordable paint.
13.Americana Paint-I only have a few of these, the paint is nice but I mostly get Folk Art.Still grab up your favorite colors and you won't go wrong.
14.Golden's Paint-Really the creme de la creme of paint.I have the set of 6 and only use them occasionally.Still if you can get them for a good price then get some colors you like.Personally I have only used them and mixed some colors a few times.
15.Shiva Oil Paint Sticks-I have them and I have used them lightly.They are fantastic especially on fabric but they do not come in enough colors to suit me.They are however cheaper then the sennelier.
16.Sennelier Oil Paint Sticks-I purchased the largest set they are very expensive and I would purchase only a few in some favorite colors to start out.
17.Prisma Colored Pencils-They are great I have the set of 120 and they work like a dream.
18.Crayola Colored Pencils-Yes I said Crayola Colored Pencils now don't laugh.I really honestly love the colors and they are cheap and truly worth getting.It may sound odd but I wish they would put all the crayon colors into a pencil.
19.Sharpies-Now where would the world be without them.I have every color but I don't use them very often still they are great for writing in your journals.
20.Faber Castell Pitt Pens-I have all the colors and I really love them especially for detail work.
21.Prima Flowers and Butterflies ect to add texture to your mixed media is always nice.
22.Pretty papers for background collages
23.India Ink-to add interest along with calligraphy ink and pens
24Gelly Roll Scrapbook Pen-White for adding some wings or outlining them in white.
25.Fabric-In case you would like to add them to your canvas and for making fabric books.Just go to Hobby Lobby and get some small pieces to start with of your favorites.
26.Paper-I use 8 1/2x11 to make prints with in the Strathmore watercolor.
27.Printer-I cant recommend but I have and Epson and it uses archival ink
28.Camera-I have currently a Kodak 12 Pixel Easy Share Z1012IS I love this camera and works great until I ca afford a Nikon.
29.Easel or a great big table to set your goodies on
30.A studio a quiet place to work on your creations whether it's a spot in a corner or a whole room.

This is my list and I add to it all the time.You can always email me with any questions you have.I am certain I left out some things but I will add to the list as I remember.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to take really good pictures of your finished products.Here is MY reason why and it is not a reflection on any person or persons out there in blog land.I have visited blogs and Etsy and even websites that sold Mixed Media Art.I love to visit blogs and see what others are doing.Mind you I did stop for a long time until I found my voice.When I say "found my voice" it's because it is so very easy to mimic someone else (we will get into that later).

When I see blurry and to large photo's I think to myself "oh no" what happened.I actually want to reach into the computer grab the persons camera and say look we can make this picture so much better.Your Art represents YOU and what you put out is what will be perceived."There are no bad camera's just bad photographers" I read this somewhere once lol...Learn how to use your camera and soon you will be taking pictures like a pro.Never put bad photo's on Etsy or your blog, because personally I go right on past those photo's and never click on them.

I'm a bad blogger I really am.I get into the painting mode and I completely forget there is another world out there.I enjoy posting most of the time but with a large family and a grandmother with Alzheimers my days are pretty full.The only thing I can say is to please break up your paragraphs.I have tried to read blogs where the person would never break up their paragraphs and in the end I would just skip over it and go onto the photo's.