About Me

Well I'm a bit odd or perhaps eccentric is a better word and a closet hippie. I also happen to be an Artist who created murals for a living.I woke up one day and really felt depressed and actually cringing at the idea of driving to yet another customers house and doing another mural.I was in a rut because I love to paint and sew and reuse and repurpose and generally just do my own thing.

2 weeks later I had finished the mural and quit my day job so to speak.We moved away to another house and old 2 story like I had always dreamed of living in.Here in our new town there was just not any work and soon my Grammy whom I love more then life was diagnosed with Alzheimers came to live with us as well.Now three years later and lots of painting and drawing and sewing and practicing and gardening, yes gardening is therapeutic for mild depression suffering hippies lol I am finally ready to open my Etsy shop.

It was a long journey to get here because I changed my blog name and didn't even blog so that I could have more time for my Art and growth.Artists are forever reinventing themselves as we grow and change and learn and discover new worlds and new people.When I feel like crying (mild depression) I simply look out my window of my studio and I travel to the place I made up in my mind.This place is called Lyndendale and I wish I could describe it to you but I try to bring it to life in my Art.

Although private commissions keep me in Art Supplies it's truly that special village full of fun ladies and stuffed creatures that make my heart soar.It is full of what I call AMAZINGNESS a place that I hope you will come to visit and enjoy and fill your heart and mind with AMAZINGNESS as well.

My wish for you is to fill your life with Art whether you make it or view it each day is precious and you don't get to repeat it.